A.C. O’Dell

A.C. O_Dell

The ordinary-ness

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<title>the ordinary-ness</title>



you can’t see you changing

(from day to day)

but I can,

(and that’s why)

I took this picture of you

(smiling and naked)

in the bathtub—¹

(we’re all dying, you see)

¹I just want to be sure

that these days aren’t lost

in unrecorded time

and that someone

(other than me)

gets to see your perfect

thirty-year-old breasts.

<img src=”frand.jpeg” alt=”wifey” align=”left”>



A.C. O’Dell is a poet and writer living in upstate New York. Her work has been featured at the Heurich House Christkindlmarkt in Washington, D.C. and at Free Range Brewing Company in Charlotte, North Carolina. In addition to her other projects, A.C. engages in live performance art at her local farmer’s market, writing extemporaneous commissioned pieces for strangers and soon-to-be friends.