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who passed through universities with radiant cool eyes hallucinating Arkansas and Blake-light tragedy among the scholars of war

 – Howl, Allen Ginsberg

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Blakelight is a celebration and lamentation of the city, of human beauty lost to us. It is the acceptance that both ugly and beautiful make-up that which is human. The recognition of diversity and tolerance. At the heart of Blake’s symbolism was the city. The city with its revolutions, wars and woes. The urban, as a source of a new divinity and romanticism. Ginsberg in his Blake-light tragedy, his hallucinations and visions saw how the cosmopolitan- the real- can be an endless source of poetic inspiration. We, at Blakelight, welcome all poetry and fiction submissions. There are no themes and no biases. We want the best of your imagination and are open to experimental, creative and provocative work. Whether you want to write a lyric or a post-modern masterpiece, we here at Blakelight, will assess your piece solely on its artistic value. We will only assess your work according to a beauty that will not be lost to us.


We will be waiting for your submissions,

Amani El Charif Founder & Editor

Israa Hamze Co-Editor