Kristine Duncan

The Practicalities of Love


When you were gone,

I learned how much I hate taking out the trash,

how short my arms are,

and how that makes it difficult

to change light bulbs

and reach things on the high shelves

I can reset the garbage disposal

I can lift all the heavy things

I bought a step stool and

some new tools,

but I can’t seem to sleep alone

or remember how it feels

to be kissed

I grieve over 4 am donuts and inside jokes

I can’t tell you my

Three Good Things at dinner anymore

When you were gone, I remembered

how I could never help

loving you.



Kristine Duncan has been writing poetry for a little over thirty years. Primarily a free verse poet, her style has been described as visceral, raw, and addictive. She has challenged herself to tell authentic and accessible stories that draw in an audience who may not typically read or enjoy poetry.  Each piece she writes is designed to be a bite-sized, but layered, story that takes the reader on a visual and emotional  journey. Duncan currently lives in Indianapolis with her amazing daughter and a small menagerie of animals and is planning to release her first book, titled Amor Vulnerat in 2018.