Libby Copa

Libby Copa

Twenty-Seven Scarves


Winter is not as bitter

with a scarf

& romantic gestures

made from

two balls of eyelash yarn

held together.


  • cast on the rows
  • repeat
  • bind loosely


      To the family I was christened to under God:

a blue one for my older sister, a swimmer

a brown one for my younger sister, a rider

& a black one, for my other mother, newly divorced.


  • garter stitch


I used to make them slanted with holes in the middle &

secrets slipped through them

I’ve gotten better since.


       In the 1950’s

women would use knitting needles

in attempts to give themselves abortions.


I count them

the pairs of sticks I inherited from my grandmother.


  • knit across ridges


Thousands of years ago

the thin bones of animals

were used as needles.


  • with crochet hook

chain remaining


         In Lebanon

a girl keeps warm

through the two thousand year war

by threads finished in my hands.


  • slip off the single

wrapped loop


He says

    he is still in love

& so I send my thickest

as wire

to lower down the tower wall

or to bind inside.


Libby Copa has degrees from Prescott College and Hamline University. Her work has appeared in the publications Hanging Lose, DASH, Matter, Word Fountain, and Breadcrumb Scabs. She loves a good adventure.