Omar Alexandre

Northern Lights

I don’t mind being stabbed on a Sunday morning

Under northern lights in cool weather

While listening to an electronic dance record

Mingling with the arties, the pill poppers, and the avant-garde

filling the hole with champagne and upside down smiles

And after and before I will run my hands up your dress,

pull down your panties and tell you I love you

But nothing more is to come out of this novela

So the memories sing maybe a little off tune when the bar opens


Omar Alexandre I writes from Miami, Florida. He’s an aspiring writer/filmmaker, he’s recently completed his first short film and it screened during the FilmGate Miami. Additionally, one of his music videos screened during the 16th annual Miami Short Film Festival. Some of his poems have been featured in In Between Hangovers, Scarlet Leaf Review, Your One Phone Call, Juste Milieu, and Adelaide Literary Magazine.