Ricardo Fadlallah



lately I’ve been sighing because

five plus five is ten and

ten plus ten is twenty and

no matter how many times I break the tip of my yellow 2H pencil

I won’t live freely


—the type of freedom that allows my mind to say

“I don’t even know what I’m doing sometimes”—


must be exhilarating

crying like Jack the Ripper

hugging like an Arbok


it’s all about tuck and roll anyway


lately I’ve been yawning because

I want monday to end, so it can be friday and

sunday to end, so it can be monday and

no matter how many times I pour myself a disconnected-controller lie

I will lose my acorn.



Ricardo Fadlallah is a Brazilian poet, photographer and student of Computer Science at the University of Balamand, Lebanon. He is minoring in Filmmaking, loves pop culture and street photography. Dreams of teaching in universities around the world and developing his own video games. Also, he talks a lot.