Ryan J. Davidson

Ryan J. Davidson

Pictures II

After Grand Canal: from Santa Maria della Carita to the Bacino de San Marco

by Antonio Canaletto


Venice, sinking or sunk,

I remember you.

Improvement makes straight roads,

but the crooked roads without improvement

are the roads of genius.

There is that word again,

it keeps popping up,

and causing trouble.


Not that anyone believes in the blue-green

of the canals anymore,

but it was and might be again,

especially of an April.

In the shadow of churches it might be made easier to believe,

not in god, but in anything. It might be easier

in the shadow of churches in Venice

to believe in the basic goodness of humanity,


in a desire to make things better,

in a world of improvements

and their ability to, also, create crooked routes.

There are two kinds of visitors to Venice:

those that get lost, and annoyed;

and those that get lost and keep turning corners.

 Ryan J. Davidson’s first book, Under What Stars, was published in 2009 by Ampersand Books.​ He is an Assistant Professor of English Literature at the University of Balamand in the North of Lebanon, which is one of the first Universities in the Levant region to offer an undergraduate degree in English literature with a concentration in creative writing.